Kartik Engineers

Thermocouple Wires

We manufacture Ext & Comp. lables for all types of Thermocouple to give exact temp measurement. The accuracy is within tolerance of 3 degrees for comp. cable and 2 degrees fro extension cables at higher temp. Best quallity metal conductors are used for greater accuracy of temp. For steel plants we make HR cables to be used upto 600oc ambient temp.


Technical Specs :

  • IS: 8784, AMSI 96.1 MC DIN, BS, IEC-584-3 & IEC-60332 standards are adopted for comp. & extension grade cables to measure high temp with accuracy.

  • KX, KXA, TX, JX, EX, SX/RX, BX, NX and WX single or multi pairs.

  • Sizes range from 0.25 sq. mm to 2.5 sq. mm single or multi pairs.

  • Insulations: PVC, Teflon, Fiber Glass, Ceramic yarn asbestos & SS wire braiding, shielded armoured and screen comp. cables


Products Range :

  • Constantan wires form 8 to 36 SWG T/C grade

  • Nichrome wire 80/20 grade. All sizes inform of strips & wires of furnaces.

  • Thermocouple wires original Chromel Alumel in bright & oxidised state =

  • Manganin wires = All sizes

  • Teflon Cables (H R Cables)= All sizes singles & multi pairs.